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Kylee Graham, 

    "The Life History of my Sexuality"
    "Me Too" & "Rape Culture"

Soph Bee,
    "on learning to accept touch after abuse"

Mercury Marvin Sunderland

    "He is Beautiful Like a Rainbow"

Ellie Lamothe 

    two visual poems

B. N. Wattenbarger, 

    "The Strawberry Scene, or 1 in 20"

    "Black Eye Had Me Seeing Stars"

Mila McKay 


Destiny Ramos


Ashley Avery 

    "Time's up"

Evyan Roberts

    "when i was ugly"
    "With Him"

Jade Crimson Rose Da Costa

    "The Good Guy"

Dee Words


Kim Bauersfeld

    "Hanging On By a Thread"

Jackie Bluu


Christina Marini Sanborn

    "Mary Practice"

Nicholle Savoie

    "Agent Michael Scarn" 

Katie Feltmate

    "Golden Rules for Good Girls"
    "Survivors" & "To Write it Down" 

Megumi Naganoma

    "It Feels Strange (When I Wake Up)"

Jenny Butler


Rachel Ludwin

    "The Emperor"

Tina Babineau


Emily Vaudeville

    "Hell on Wheels"

Linda M. Crate

    "depends on the person"
    "a blindness they choose

Elysa Caso-McHugh

    "Personal Info"

Parul Yadav

    "THEY SAY"

Violet Drake

    "ghost girl"


    "Dear Dad"


    "TRUTH'S {a}VERSION", "Because"
    "Confessions of a Former Cult Leader" 

Melanee Morin

    "Stitched Together"
    "Tower Under Threat"


    "What Was She Wearing?" 

Natasha Power

    "Your Words are Louder" 


    "Let me tell you about my wings"

Ellie Lamothe